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IP video and audio application systems

E-learning systems

  • Online learning - no need to gather the whole staff together and/or allocate special rooms
  • Possibility to save the lectures locally, e. g., for further review
  • Possibility to ask the lecturer a question without interfering with other students' work

Videosurveillance systems:

  • Dual or triple computer monitor viewing support
  • Easy to configure camera settings
  • Simultaneous audio and video recording
  • Scalable system - easy to add new camera to future expansion
  • Alert sending by SMS using GSM modem
  • Picture to e-mail through network if motion detected or camera disconnected
  • Archive system
  • Support of analog cameras connected via network video server
  • Multi-user remote access to recordings and live through built in video server
  • Viewing images from up to 4 cameras simultaneously or more with additional software
  • Multipassword protected system

Sound alarm - video surveillance systems that "wake" your security guards up

  • Special software attracts attention to the image by a sound alarm

Audioconference systems

Videoconference systems